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Nissan Altima (2013)

CAR GARAGE | Nissan Altima (2013) | The 2013 Altima gets the Nissan Connect SM and Advanced Drive-Assist Display (ADAD) installed. Infotainment and connectivity are the stuff They deal with: Bluetooth, hands-free messaging, Pandora integration, or USB are some of the features available on the Altima. Starting this summer, the 2013 Nissan Altima will in showrooms at the price of 21.500 dollars.   Now, that figure Remains to be confirmed. Other features include Bluetooth, a Bose sound system, Navigation Nissan Connect SM integrated smartphone connectivity, and other high-tech gizmos, most of them available on the standard version. Now, the engine choice for this car comes down to two units, both powered by gasoline. We have a 2.5 liter engine with four cylinders rated at 182 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque. Those wanting more for a V6 power unit displacing 3.5 liters is available. The latest from Nissan Xtronic CVT is Offered in both cases. The estimated fuel efficiency figures

Jaguar XKR-S (2012)

CAR GARAGE | Jaguar XKR-S (2012) | The Jaguar XKR-S is not merely the quickest Jaguar ever but also the most agile, responsive and driver-focused. The pinnacle of the XK range builds on feedback gathered from the supercharged XKR and has been developed to extend the performance parameters of the car. This new harder-edged character allows the enthusiastic driver to explore the outer limits of the car's dynamics without losing the refinement and usability for the which Jaguar is famous. The structural integrity of the lightweight aluminum platform allowed the suspension to be reworked with Bespoke components for Increased stiffness without a commensurate loss in either refinement or Jaguar's legendary ride comfort. The performance of the Jaguar XKR-S is reflected in both its interior and exterior styling, the which feature exclusive new paint colors That Reflect Jaguar's racing heritage. As with competition Jaguars of the past, the exterior of the XKR-S adheres to the principle of form Following function.

The resulting changes reduced front and rear lift by more than a quarter and optimized lateral aerodynamic stability. The performance intent of the Jaguar XKR-S is clear from the moment the driver enters the cabin thanks to new cosseting Performance seats with prominent shoulder wings for close support during hard cornering. The seats feature 16-way adjustment, memory and heating functions while a new three-spoke steering wheel provides the perfect interface Between car and driver. The four-valve cylinder heads are now constructed from recycled aluminum to Reduced the environmental impact of engine manufacture. Remapping the engine's fuel ling characteristics and Increasing exhaust gas flow through the use of an active exhaust system has lifted total output of the 5.0-liter V8 is now 550PS and 680Nm, making it the most powerful Jaguar road engine ever made and allowing the Jaguar XKR- S to hit 60mph in 4.2 seconds and breach the magical 300kph barrier with ease.

Exclusive to the Jaguar XKR-S are the new Performance front seats with integrated head restraints and an Increased lateral and squab support to hold driver and passenger securely and comfortably in place during the high speed cornering of the which this car is capable. The sense of occasion when driving Offered the Jaguar XKR-S will be heightened by the new carbon Accents leather covering the seats, featuring unique contrast micro-piping and stitching combinations in Reims Blue, Red and Ivory.

Ian Callum, Design Director, Jaguar Cars: "The styling of this car is not about image, it's about true performance. Like other iconic Jaguars before it, the styling has been driven by geometry and aerodynamics for genuine design purity. Now further styling changes keep the XKR-S at the Forefront of modern sports car design. Slimmer, LED headlights, more compact around air intake and vertical side power vent all Contribute to a more purposeful front-end appearance. At the rear of the car the famous Jaguar 'leaper' now takes pride of place in the center of the boot lid.

The Jaguar XKR-S also required aerodynamic modifications to Achieve its 300kph top speed in the unruffled manner expected of a Jaguar and has been designed solely with an eye for purity of line and singularity of purpose. At the extreme edges of the front fenders, vertical slots channel the water down the sides of the car and along the sills Wider for Increased high-speed directional stability. In order to balance front and rear lift, the Jaguar XKR-S features a separate rear wing, a first for the XK range. The assertive new appearance of the Jaguar XKR-S is subtly highlighted by some carefully chosen details exclusive to this model. Exterior trim is finished in gloss black, complemented by 20-inch lightweight forged alloys Vulcan in a dark technical finish. The XKR-S is available in a range of five paint colors, two of the which Evoke Jaguar's competition heritage: Italian Racing Red and French Racing Blue.


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