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Nissan Altima (2013)

CAR GARAGE | Nissan Altima (2013) | The 2013 Altima gets the Nissan Connect SM and Advanced Drive-Assist Display (ADAD) installed. Infotainment and connectivity are the stuff They deal with: Bluetooth, hands-free messaging, Pandora integration, or USB are some of the features available on the Altima. Starting this summer, the 2013 Nissan Altima will in showrooms at the price of 21.500 dollars.   Now, that figure Remains to be confirmed. Other features include Bluetooth, a Bose sound system, Navigation Nissan Connect SM integrated smartphone connectivity, and other high-tech gizmos, most of them available on the standard version. Now, the engine choice for this car comes down to two units, both powered by gasoline. We have a 2.5 liter engine with four cylinders rated at 182 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque. Those wanting more for a V6 power unit displacing 3.5 liters is available. The latest from Nissan Xtronic CVT is Offered in both cases. The estimated fuel efficiency figures

Infiniti LE Concept (2012)

CAR GARAGE | Infiniti LE Concept (2012) | Though sharing much with the stunning futuristic concepts Infiniti That have come before - a sweeping aerodynamic body, an intelligent Elegantly interiors, inspired driving performance and advanced next-generation technology - the Infiniti Concept LE is more grounded in reality. The LE Infiniti Concept, the which made its world debut at the 2012 New York International Auto Show, is more than just the latest in the series of Dramatically styled, technologically advanced concepts from Infiniti. A production version is expected to reach Infiniti showrooms in near-similar form within the next two years as Infiniti's first zero emission luxury sedan.

The twin display offers drivers all of the information They want, displayed in the right place. In terms of charging, the LE Infiniti Concept is equipped to utilize an integrated charging port, a DC Fast Charge option and an advanced Wireless Charging System. "In keeping with the Infiniti challenger mentality, the LE Concept includes a built-in Wireless Charging System, the which we expect to be the first home-based wireless charging system if adapted for the production version," said Poore. The system's non-contact charging is via inductive energy flow, with a coil Safely encased on the garage floor. T

From inception, the Infiniti Concept has been designed LE as a pure Infiniti, rather than as an electric vehicle with luxury appointments. The LE Concept's bold exterior is defined by its underlying high performance. Rather than taking an EV and adding an Infiniti badge, we are taking an Infiniti and removing the tailpipe , "Poore explained. " The LE Infiniti Concept's dramatic exterior design blends distinctive Infiniti cues, Such as its double-arch grille and crescent-cut rear-pillar, with EV aerodynamic efficiency to create a sleek, emotional silhouette. The large front grille features a solid finisher and a charge port is hidden under the center illuminated Infiniti badge. The iconic headlights and taillights LED Infiniti echo the design direction of Infiniti's recent Infiniti Essence and emerg-E concepts.

Distinctive Blue paint Infiniti EV is adopted to enhance the sense of Infiniti EV-ness on the door handles and wheels. The design priorities are on visibility, hospitality and utilities - and, of course, Infiniti-ness, "said Poore. " The Infiniti LE EV Concept's efficient platform maximizes interior space by placing the batteries under the passenger compartment floor. This positioning helps Provide a low vehicle center of gravity for enhanced handling and maximizes trunk room, without compromising front or rear seat legroom or passenger comfort. LE Infiniti Concept The interior is anchored by its Infiniti signature double-wave layout, the which flows seamlessly from the instrument panel to the center console and down the cabin sides - Embracing the driver and passengers in a generous, energetic space. A sculpted comfortably shift knob controls the LE Concept's drive system.

Infiniti-EV meters combine timeless modern digital and analog gauges display, creating an atmosphere of both exclusivity and futuristic design. The center features an innovative cluster connected twin display powered by an Intel Atom  processor. The unique interior color combination of violet blush for upper portions and lower for white light also reinforces the vehicle's Infiniti EV-ness. "Today's luxury EV Their EV intendeds expect to be a luxury vehicle first, with advanced technology, cutting-edge design and premium appointments," said Poore. "The Infiniti Concept LE delivers in every dimension, driver and passenger as welcoming guests, much as you'd expect in the owners' homes."


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